Preserving the Majestic Lands of Africa

“Campbell Bridges a kindred spirit in conservation!”

- Wangari Maathai, 2004, Nobel Peace Prize recipient

Campbell feeding Friday

Campbell Bridges feeding Friday.

A lifelong environmentalist and wildlife conservationist, Tsavorite discoverer Campbell Bridges has always endeavored to protect the majestic lands of Africa. Thus, it is our mission to continue his efforts, for like the beautiful gemstones of the continent, the land too is a rare beauty.

Through years of mining Tsavorite in the region of Tsavo, we have developed and perfected mining techniques to have a minimal impact on the environment. This is achieved by tunneling as soon as its feasible in an effort to limit open cast mining, thereby leaving the surface as undisturbed as possible. Any waste rock is spread out so that it will weather and blend with the landscape, rather than creating large mine dumps that would otherwise take centuries to wear away. We also utilize water conservation techniques by collecting all rainwater rather than trucking in water or depleting the water table by drilling bore holes. These measures make it possible to uphold our responsibility to the lands that we so admire and love.

Juvenile leopard at dusk

Juvenile leopard at dusk.

Through partnerships with local authorities, Tsavorite USA actively seeks to prevent and lessen the impact of illegal activities such as charcoal burning and poaching. We currently work with local government officials to combat charcoal burners and deforestation. This includes planting hardwood trees in affected areas to minimize the negative impact this destructive activity has on the environment. In addition, we report any poaching in the area to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and use our own security to apprehend poachers if need be. It is our procedure to scour the area for snares, nooses or any other poaching traps and activity. Further, we systematically seek to apprehend perpetrators and bring a halt to the bush meat trade in the area that is decimating the local wildlife.

Giant elephant in the jungle

Huge tusker in the bush.

While the environment faces many challenges, we plan to continue our fight for this cause. In the coming years, Tsavorite USA hopes to create an elephant sanctuary in Kenya to correspond with their migration route. With numbers waning due to poaching and depleted natural habitat resulting from over population, the African elephants’ future in Kenya without protection is bleak. Through this project, we hope to raise awareness and provide a safe haven for these majestic animals.

Africa is a land that will capture the heart and imagination. It is unlike any other continent on earth – and we are devoted to its natural preservation.